Famous 4×4 Vehicles for Africa

(Image by Thorsten Messing from Pixabay)

Here is a collection of fantastic 4×4 vehicles that could be a candidate for your next over-landing project.

Toyota Land Cruiser J70

The 70 Series is a great spring board to build an over-landing monster to trek all across Africa. In Africa one can buy brand new J70 models as a station wagon (76) and a double cab (79). One can always import new and used vehicles in different configurations.

Toyota Land Cruiser J200

The 200 Series is a great option to build a comfortable over-lander for effortlessly trekking across countries and borders. The body style is a station wagon, but there shops that cut the back and install trays. 

Toyota Hilux

This iconic brand by Toyota is hugely popular and offers an affordable option to convert into an over-lander. Avid 4×4 enthusiast – Ronny Dahl is currently making a series of conversion videos of a Toyota Hilux he bought this year. Here are some of the videos. Enjoy!


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